Aloha Medicinals Inc., Immune Assist 24/7, 960 mg, 90 Caplets

Aloha Medicinals

  • Each time release tablet contains 320 mg of pure immune-active Heteropolysaccharides, including over 150 mg of soluble 1,3-1,6 Beta Glucans per capsule, 400 mg of unique Cordyceps species and 80 mg of EGCG with proven antiviral activity. All Natural, and Extremely Potent.
  • Immune Assist 24/7™ is safe, organic and all natural. It should be used as a daily supplement by anyone wanting a stronger immune system and a healthier lifestyle. It is USDA Certified Organic and Made in America.
  • Immune Assist 24/7 ™ is a combination of authentic Immune Assist Micron™ - A potent immune enhancement ingredient – and direct acting antiviral compounds, for those people wanting optimum immune function.
  • Immune Assist 24/7™ is a dietary supplement for immune system enhancement and anti-viral protection. It is for people wishing to avoid the serious illnesses and health challenges

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