EAST PARK RESEARCH D-lenolate 120mg 60 Capsules, 0.02 Pound

East Park

d-Lenolate is an all-natural herbal supplement. Using a patented extraction process, d-Lenolate has been shown in a double blind study to strengthen the system's defenses. The difference between the original d-Lenolate and Childrens d-Lenolate: Easy-To-Swallow is merely the size of the pill itself. This supplement comes in a 120 milligram capsule, which is significantly smaller than the regular 500 milligram dosage offered with the original. Childrens d-Lenolate is available in 60-count bottles of 120 milligram capsules.

  • 100 percent all-natural and research-tested immune system support
  • Powerful nutrients extracted from olive leaves (Oleuropein and other therapeutic compounds)
  • Balances body's natural chemistry
  • Children's dosage of 120 mg Olive Leaf Extract
  • 60 caps per bottle

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