Genitrex Natural Shampoo Treatment For Pubic Lice Elimination - All-Natural Homeopathic Shampoo - Quickly Eliminates Crabs and Nits from Your Family And Home. Holistic Solution To Pubic Lice Without Pesticides - 4 Ounces


The Genitrex Kit is both a powerful homeopathic lice shampoo that utilizes the relieving power of homeopathic medicines and nerve-soothing aromatherapy oils, as well as a premium laboratory-tested lice comb. Together, these work to naturally eliminate lice and nits while providing relief from the stress associated with an infestation. Genitrex is formulated without chemical pesticides to safely help wash away crabs and nits (use provided nit comb for full effect), while soothing irritated skin. With the Genitrex Kit, you can quickly return to a better quality of life, free of the embarrassment and irritation caused by pubic lice. Our unique approach utilizes a multi-directional process to safely eliminate crabs and nits: Genitrex Shampoo for Personal Use Natural homeopathic remedies and aromatherapeutic essential oils in Genitrex work together to sooth irritated, itchy skin and frayed nerves. Genitrex Premium Comb The Genitrex Kit personal care comb is the key to your success. A premium lice comb, registered with the FDA as a 510K exempt medical device, our comb is laboratory tested to quickly and effectively remove both lice and nits from your body. As more people raise concerns about the safety and efficacy of pesticide-based crab treatments, the Genitrex Kit presents a superior solution for people seeking relief from pubic lice.

  • Discover the Safe, Natural Shampoo Kit Formulated to Eliminate Pubic Lice and Nits without Pesticides!

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