HelloLife MelloCaps - Natural Dietary Supplement to Help Support a Calm and Balanced Mood


Stressed Out? Anxious? Worn Down?

Projects. Deadlines. Cooking. Cleaning. Bills...

From work to school to home, so much is demanded of you every day. And most of the time? Amazingly, you manage to pull it all off. Certain situations though, are particularly stressful. And over time, just the daily grind can leave you feeling depleted - lacking anxiety-resistance, lacking motivation, burned out, and in need of a break. We all need a good balance if we’re going to be at our best. Regular exercise, regular time spent outdoors, and a healthful diet rich in nutrients all work to help maintain healthy stress resistance and calm. However, it can be difficult to ensure you’re getting all your body needs when life gets hectic. There’s nothing selfish about relaxation. A little extra healthy support for excess stress may be all you need!

The Potent Support You Want - Without the Side-Effects.

Wherever you go and whatever you’re doing, the mood you’re in colors your experience. When you’re feeling good, confident, and at ease, life feels fun and challenges feel less challenging. Key to our mood, is our ability to manage the inevitable stressors we all must face. Can you relax when you need to? Push away unneeded worries? With a natural blend of lemon balm, passion flower, l-theanine, whey protein, and valerian, MelloCaps provides safe, yet potent herbal + nutritive support for optimally healthy calm, anxiety-resistance, stress-management, and relaxation.

  • Valerian for support of healthy confidence and calm in intimidating situations
  • Lemon balm for support of healthy stress resistance and a comfortable, relaxed stomach
  • L-theanine (found in green tea) for support of balanced brain function and tranquility
  • Whey protein for support of healthy serotonin and GABA production
  • Passionflower for support of healthy anxiety resistance and muscle relaxation

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