HelloLife Provolux - Natural +6 Probiotic Strain Power Blend Dietary Supplement


Alongside a diet tailored to your unique needs and rich in both pre- and probiotic foods, the probiotic blend in Provolux naturally helps support healthy gut bacteria levels, digestion, immunity, skin, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, glucose balance, and mental and emotional balance. With its 9.2 billion CFU blend of 6 uniquely potent probiotic bacteria strains, Provolux helps supplement the helpful bacteria you may be lacking in your everyday diet!

  • Wide-Spectrum Probiotic Support: L. Acidophilus + B. Bifidum + S.Thermophilus + L. Salivarius + L. Plantarum + L. Rhamnosus
  • Naturally Potent: 9.2 billion CFU blend of 6 unique and powerful probiotic strains.
  • Natural support for healthy digestion, immunity, skin, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose balance, mental function, and emotional balance.
  • Recommended for adults and children 8+.
  • Naturally Safe: with no harsh chemicals, dairy, gluten, artificial flavors, or colors.

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