Male Power - Life's Glandular Support 60 ct

Professional Botanicals

The physical relationship between two people strengthens their bond. As you get older, sometimes body chemistry changes and getting in the mood is not always easy. MalePower supports naturally raising testosterone levels, balancing hormones and healing prostate glands. Sometimes testosterone levels can decrease, with circulation limping along and before you know it, the bedroom is the last place you want to be. Although the name, MalePower seems targeted to just males, females can also take these capsules to help balance their testosterone levels and increase desire. This formula not only supports a healthy libido, it aids in building focus and improving energy and stamina. We’re centered on helping you stay healthy, active and back in the mood with a little boost from Mother Nature.

  • Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Supports Reproductive Glands
  • Supports Healthy Function

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