Natural Wellbeing - Digestive Enzyme Complex - Full-spectrum digestive enzyme support -90 Vegetarian Capsules


  • All digestive enzymes (proteases, lipases, carbohydrases) are from mycological extracts - no animal-derived enzymes. Naturally derived bromelain (pineapple) and papain (papaya)
  • Improves digestion of protein, fats, carbohydrates and helps reduce gas and bloating
  • Premium Ingredients: Formulated with natural food-derived enzymes (pineapple, papaya) and . Contains no animal ingredients.
  • NSF cGMP-Certified Manufacturing Facility: The NSF Certification Program protects consumers by ensuring that the highest standards of manufacturing have been strictly followed.
  • Every Batch is Tested: Every batch of Maca root extract is tested to ensure the highest quality. Every single batch!

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