Natural Wellbeing - Organic Breastfeeding Supplement - Increase Milk Supply & Herbal Lactation Support with Shatavari and Goat's Rue - 2 oz (59 mL)


  • Certified Organic & Sustainably Wild-Harvested: Prepared from certified organic and sustainably wild-harvested botanicals.
  • Nursing Mother Milk Support is a professionally formulated blend of herbs known as galactagogues that promote breast milk production and encourage easier milk flow.
  • This special formula helps to balance and strengthen the hormones involved in breast milk production. It synchronizes their effects upon mammary tissue and the milk ducts to help improve milk production and the let-down (ejection) response.
  • Nursing Mother Milk Support also includes nutritive herbs such as Nettles to replenish the body with essential nutrients, and Shatavari, the premier female tonic herb used in Ayurveda
  • Every Batch is Tested: Every batch of Nursing Mother Milk Support is tested to ensure the highest quality and consistent potency.

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