Aloha Medicinals Pure Certified Organic Cordyceps - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

  • Aloha Medicinals produces the Most Potent Cordyceps available, and the only commercially available cultivated Pure Cordyceps with a DNA profile exactly matching that of wild Cordyceps!
  • Made with Organic Pure Cordyceps. This Product Contains No Ingredients from China
  • Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps is 100% produced in America, in Health Department licensed and FDA Certified manufacturing facilities, and is made with organic cordyceps.
  • All of our raw materials are also verified by DNA sequencing through the U.S. National Institute of Health, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Genebank.
  • Each and every lot of material we produce is run through an extensive range of testing to ensure consistency and potency and quality.
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Pure Cordyceps - The Only Cordyceps Available that is Grown Under Low Temperature - Low Oxygen Conditions, Just Like Nature!

Aloha Medicinals is the world's largest Cordyceps cultivator. Aloha Medicinals produces Organic Potent Cordyceps. and the only commercially available cultivated Pure Cordyceps with a DNA profile exactly matching that of wild Cordyceps! Our quality makes the choice easy.

To achieve the wild Cordyceps quality requires a much more complex approach, involving the replication of the wild Cordyceps growth conditions between several part-spore cultures to achieve the full Cordyceps DNA sequence. This approach was so unique it was issued the only patent ever granted for the hybridization of mushrooms!

Even after we had developed these bio-identical cultures though, which were 100% Cordyceps sinensis in every way, there was still a problem: The Cordyceps being grown in cultivation was still not as potent as the wild collected Cordyceps. To try and resolve this problem, Aloha Medicinals scientists undertook an expedition into the heartland of wild Cordyceps habitat, central Tibet. In May and June of 2006 Aloha Medicinals conducted one of the most comprehensive scientific research expeditions ever undertaken in the mountains of Tibet to study the natural growth parameters of wild Cordyceps. Working with the local nomad people, we identified several hundred Cordyceps specimens growing directly from the ground. We carefully measured all the growth conditions there, such as pH, soil and air temperature and composition, moisture content in the air and soil, the other micro-organisms found in the area, air pressure and virtually everything else that could be measured, we did.

We brought this information back to the lab, and developed entirely new methods of cultivation, which have resulted in Cordyceps bio-identical in it’s analytical signature. Bringing the latest of 21st century American biotechnology to this field has resulted in a quantum leap in Cordyceps cultivation, reducing the cost and increasing the quality of cultivated Cordyceps. These cultivation methods involved building special growing chambers where the oxygen is held at 50% of the normal atmospheric oxygen. This replicates the conditions found during the growing season in Nepal and Tibet. This Low Temperature, Low Oxygen growth is also patented. Aloha Medicinals is the only company in the world that grows Cordyceps using these patented techniques.


Aloha Medicinals is the World's Largest cultivator of Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom derived Ingredients, supplying manufacturers in over 60 countries with raw materials for inclusion in their formulations since the year 2000. The reason Aloha Medicinals has become the world's foremost supplier is due to one thing - our Quality Control. Each and every lot of material we produce is run through an extensive range of testing to ensure consistency and potency and quality.

And all our testing is done by independent third-party FDA certified labs, so you know the results are real! Aloha Medicinals does all cultivation in our FDA Registered, and FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) state of the art Sterile Tissue Culture facility located in Carson City, Nevada. All raw materials we manufacture are fully 100% Certified Organic and Certified Kosher. Quite Simply Aloha Medicinals manufactures the very best medicinal mushroom products available anywhere today. And we back this with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

In developing our production processes, Aloha Medicinals looked at the chemistry of the wild collected fruitbodies, of the mycelia and of the extra-cellular compounds, and all that was known about the bioactivity of each in the human body. We then developed special growing methods including custom made growing chambers, strictly defined growth substrates (no sawdust, straw or compost is used) and specially modified growth parameters such as climate control for temperature, light cycle, air quality and composition to maximize the production of targeted medicinal compounds. By controlling each aspect of the growth cycle, Aloha Medicinals is able to produce the highest quality and the most consistent medicinal mushroom products available anywhere today, while ensuring against all possible contamination of pesticides, herbicides or other residues.

If you want the highest quality medicinal mushroom products available today, Aloha Medicinals is your best choice. 100% Certified Organic by the USDA and EU. Whether you need Full Spectrum Myco-products, or a concentrated extract.


There is a lot of confusion today from all the marketing claims on the internet about what form of mushroom product is the best to use. Some say it is the fruitbody, or the mycelium, or a hot water extract standardized for some particular compound. There is a lot of complex bio-chemistry going on in the mushroom kingdom that can be valuable for its health giving potential. We have addressed these issues here so you can decide which health supplement raw materials are the best for your use.



Fruitbodies’ are the mushrooms you see growing out of the ground or off of trees or organic debris. They are the reproductive part of the fungal organism, like the flower of a plant. Just like flowers will only bloom during a certain season, fruitbodies will only form in response to some stress in the environment, such as heat or cold, fire or flood, running out of food, or some other stress that forces the organism into a “reproduce or die” stage. The mushroom fruitbodies that you see are strictly the reproductive portion of the fungus at the end of its life cycle.


Mycelium’ is the growth form of the fungal organism. This is the state in which all of the life processes other than reproduction occur, such as growth, feeding, and competing for survival (including antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral compound production). In cultivated mushroom products, the mycelium can be grown on a solid substrate of some organic material that it would naturally grow on. For production of most mushroom-derived drugs, the compounds are extracted not from the mycelium, but from the broth or substrate the mycelium is grown in.


‘Extract’ is a word that covers a lot of possibilities. Extracts are usually made from either mushrooms or mycelium, which are extracted with some type of solvent with the intention of concentrating some desirable portion and eliminating or reducing some non-desirable portion of the fungus. There are a number of solvents which are used, depending on which type of compounds the extractor is hoping to concentrate. The two most common solvents used are Alcohol and Water. Extracts tend to be more expensive than raw materials and they may be either more potent or less potent than the raw material, depending upon which compounds are being concentrated and the desired end use of the material. The following section should clarify how extracts are made, what their uses are, and why there is so much misunderstanding about them.

Full Spectrum

‘Full Spectrum Myco-Products’ are the complete fungal material consisting of all the biologically active components, including the mycelium, primordia, fruitbodies, and most importantly, the extra-cellular compounds produced throughout the entire life cycle of the organism. It is these extra-cellular compounds (compounds that are excreted outside of the cell and into the surrounding environment) that are responsible for the main medicinal properties known from the fungal kingdom