Organika - Organic Greens- 300 grams


Organic Greens provides 17 types of fruits, herbs, vegetables and more. Among them include organic spirulina, kale, green tea and flax seed powders in an easy to take form! This organically sweetened formulation dissolves readily into your favorite beverage and has no grit, with no artificial flavours. The delicious answer to meeting that fruit and vegetable intake can be found in our Organic Greens; be sure to add it to your diet, and reap the benefits today!

  • Organika greens contains 17 fruits, herbs, vegetables and more in every serving
  • Organika greens are a Potent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients to reduce oxidative damage in the body, and support healthy metabolism.
  • Every scoop or packet or organika greens contains 17 servings of fruits, vegetables and herbs that go above and beyond for daily adult intake!
  • Comes in a easy to mix, loose powdered form to add to your favourite drink, smoothie, etc.

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