Professional Botanicals ADR Complex Stress Support, 60 Count

Professional Botanicals

Do simple tasks such as getting yourself out of bed in the morning seem daunting due to exhaustion and fatigue? If you have a hard time falling or staying asleep, or begin feeling tired around lunchtime or early afternoon, these kinds of behaviors are typical for those experiencing stress or adrenal issues. This comprehensive formula contains adrenal substance and supportive nutrients to make sustained changes in the health and function of the total immune system. The ingredients are formulated to work from beginning to end as a recuperative product. The proper function of the adrenals is crucial to a number of physiological functions, including regulation of blood sugar levels, stress adaption, energy generation, stamina and the normal function of the body’s natural defense system. With our synergistic blend of pantothenic acid, vitamin c, adrenal and pituitary substances, barberry root, and blessed thistle, the adrenals are stimulated and supported into rehabilitation.

  • Supports hormone production
  • Supports adrenal balance
  • Supports stress
  • Doctor's choice

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