Prosta-Pro-Tec 694 mg - 100 Capsules by Montiff


Each capsule of Prosta-Pro-Tec contains the following ingredients to support male health and the prostate: SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT: Saw Palmetto Berry (a phytosterol) has steroid reductase inhibitor properties and creates antiandrogenic action‚ thereby inhibiting the testosterone enzyme that may cause the enlargement of the prostate gland. BETA-SITOSTEROL: Active ingredient found in the Saw Palmetto Berry. Enhances T cell activity may improve urinary symptoms and flow in BPH by removing toxins. PUMPKIN SEED EXTRACT: has beneficial effect‚ and works synergistically with Saw Palmetto Berry for maximum results. It will also enhance the absorption of Lycopene. BROCCOLI SPROUT EXTRACT: Contains sulforaphane‚ which may promote prostate and overall health. D-CALCIUM GLUCARATE: A form of glucaric acid‚ a natural compound found in the body with detoxification properties. It helps by working to remove harmful pesticides. GRAPE SEED & GRAPE SKIN EXTRACT: Provide reservatrol (a compound in grape skin & wine)‚ which may protect healthy cells and increase Glutathione levels. QUERCITIN: A flavonoid that may inhibit free radical damage to cells and have anti-inflammatory properties. SILYMARIN EXTRACT: From the milk thistle plant‚ it may serve as a hepatoprotectant that increases glutathione levels in the liver and supports liver functioning by promoting detoxification. Contains silibinin. TOCOTRIENOLS/Tocopherols (mixed): Vitamin E may suppress androgen & antigen (PSA) receptors. Mixed tocotrienols are a special form of Vitamin E with enhanced free radical scavenging ability. d-ALPHA TOCOPHERYL SUCCINATE: Another important form of Vitamin E. ORIGANUM VULGARE EXTRACT: Contains the active phenolic compound rosmarinic acid. It is an antioxidant that may relieve mild inflammation BILBERRY EXTRACT: A flavonoid (and member of blueberry family) with high antioxidant properties. It is a rich source of anthocyanin and has natural phy

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