VETiONX ARTHRO-iONX Micro-Pellets - Safe, Natural Joint and Mobility Pain Relief for pets of all ages


Wide Spectrum Relief: Pain + Inflammation + Swelling + Stiffness + Weakness + Sensitivity + Trembling + Troubled Mobility

As a proud dog or cat owner, watching your little puppy or kitten grow up, mature, and grow old is both a wonderful and difficult privilege, isn't it? No matter how long they've been a part of the family, to you, they'll always be that happy, funny little puppy or kitten ready to take on the world.

Unfortunately though - as too many of us owners know too well - life can take a toll on that playful spirit. Like us, issues with pain and mobility become increasingly likely as our dogs or cats grow older, but may even arise from early life - keeping your puppy or kitten from fully enjoying puppy or kitten life, and keeping your full-grown, faithful friend from doing the things they used to love.

Sadly, joint-aggravating conditions like joint and mobility pain, hip pain, genetic defect, infection, and injury are all common, can all cause pain and impairment, and are all tremendously hard for a loving owner to watch their dog or cat struggle through. Sometimes gradual, other times sudden, difficulty with stairs, romping around the yard, jumping up to lay with you, or even simply walking at all - their fearful avoidance of all these things are consequences of joint pain that are almost as difficult for you to bear as they for your dog or cat.

When life throws one of these painful conditions at your companion, you'll do anything you can to relieve their pain, and bring back that strong, confident dog or cat you know they still are inside. Puppies or kittens should get to be puppies or kittens, and old age doesn't have to mean a reduction in ability. Every dog or cat deserves a chance at a full, happy life!

  • Safe – even for puppies and kittens, sensitive dogs and cats, and for added relief alongside prescription medications
  • Natural homeopathic medicine with no risky chemicals
  • Easy-Serve Formulation mustard seed sized micro-pellets have a pleasant semi-sweet flavor that make serving simpler than ever. Serve directly by hand or mix in wet food.
  • OTC homeopathic provides safe, yet powerful joint and mobility pain relief in dogs and cats
  • Relief for the symptoms of joint and mobility pain and joint complaints of all sorts whether due to joint overuse, old age, injury, deformity, disease, infection, obesity, or genetic predisposition

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