Vital Planet - Living Meal for Cats - Organic Daily Superfood Blend for Cats - 30 servings

Vital Planet

LIVING NUTRIENT BLEND: Adding critical, living nutrients to your cat’s food each day. Think your cat’s food contains all they need? Think again. Did you know that most cat food is dead? It is. And most canned cat food is just as dead. Now you can add living nutrients to your cat’s food. LIVING MEAL™ is specially formulated for cats to provide raw, live probiotics combined with enzymes and a unique, organic superfood blend. Bring your cat’s food to life every day!

  • CONVENIENT POWDER: Our convenient powder is easy to sprinkle on your cat’s food. With a simple scoop, you can add live probiotics, enzymes and a special blend of superfoods to Bring Your Cat’s Food to Life!
  • ORGANIC SUPERFOOD BLEND: Our organic superfood blend includes turmeric, cranberry, noni, pomegranate, raspberry, cherry and watermelon.
  • BENEFICIAL ENZYMES: Helping to break down food and assist in the absorption of essential nutrients, our enzymes support a healthy and natural balance in the gut.
  • 5 BILLION LIVE CULTURES: With 5 billion live probiotic cultures in each scoop, our blend of living, raw probiotics help maintain proper gut flora and support the protective layers of the bowel.

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