Micellized Liquid Vitamin D3 & K2 - 30 Servings

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SOY FREE BIO-IDENTICAL VITAMIN D3: Vitamin D-3 1200 IU (as cholecalciferol) and Vitamin K2 50 mcg (natural vitamin K2 as MK7).Micellized D3 K2(MK7) is a natural‚ soy-free‚ form of Vitamin D and K2 in a water-soluble micellized form.

5X ABSORPTION AND BIOAVAILABILITY: Micellization greatly increases the solubility‚ absorption and bioavailability of our vitamin D3 over oil or emulsified forms. The micellization process produces tiny droplets (micelles) that are then formed into highly absorbable droplets.

COST EFFECTIVE: Designed with a higher absorption rate than most common vitamins, Micellized Vitamins allow you to take a lower dose for maximum results.

EASY TO TAKE: Micellized Vitamins are easy to take and can be added to juice, water, or smoothies. Delicious in flavor, they can also be administered by themselves.

Micellized Liquid Vitamin D3 & K2 - 30 Servings

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