Blood Sugar Support

Let's face it, many of us simply consume too much sugar and too many carbs. Diabetes is a major concern for many people and chances are you know someone who is dealing with this disease.

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Blood Sugar Support

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels NuMedica Gluco-Response is the ideal blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. NuMedica Gluco-Response features extracts like fenugreek, Gymnema, and bitter gourd that have long been known to have a positive impact on blood sugar levels in the body. NuMedica...
Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Metabolism - 100% water-soluble cinnamon extract. NuMedica's CINNergy is an advanced blood glucose support formula to support insulin function and optimize healthy postprandial (after mealtime) blood sugar levels. It features 300 mg of Cinnulin PF, a 100% water-soluble cinnamon extract.CINNergy features five key ingredients for healthy...