About us

Launched in May 2010, Ultimate Vitality LLC began selling Vitamins, Supplements and Health and Wellness products. Born from Oncology RN, Mark Brown and Cancer Survivor, Lesley Nygaard’s vision to provide convenient, affordable access to quality nutritional and wellness supplements.

Ultimate Vitality Canada was established in 2014 and is its own separate registered Canadian entity, and not a subsidiary of Ultimate Vitality LLC.


As of May 2016, Ultimate Vitality had 6 consecutive years as a FBA featured merchant.

Ultimate Vitality is a customer-centric company with emphasis on patient well-being. Customer Service continues to be what sets us apart. Customers are contacted on every order to ensure expectations were met. If for any reason the customer was not satisfied, we issue a refund and a free replacement.

We are data driven and utilize solid business analytics to base decisions.  We employ high level E-commerce software systems for sales performance, customer geography, market-share, inventory projections, COGs and profit management. We also utilize industry specific software for customer communications including order follow-up and promotional opportunities.

Proactive Customer Service and follow-up leaves customers with sincere appreciation of the friendly, convenient, above and beyond experience ordering from Ultimate Vitality. This has resulted in a large loyal customer base and a 100% Customer Rating and over 13,800 Customer Reviews for Ultimate Vitality and Ultimate Vitality Canada.