Headwear for Women Thriver Head and Neck Gaiter

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Cooling Gaiter/Headband 


Wet it  •  Snap it  •  Wear it

The custom gaiter can be used as a head covering or a mask. It is treated with patented cooling technology, triggered by getting the cloth wet, wringing it out, and briefly waving in the air. It is also treated with silver technology that has an antibacterial benefit.

Stays cool up to 30 degrees below skin temperature when wet. Just wet, wave in the air, to stay cool.

Better than a bandana, our cooling head wraps cool up to 30 percent below skin temperature when wet. Water + airflow activates the patented hyper-evaporative cooling that keeps you cool on the hottest days.

Features UPF 50+ for ultimate sun protection.

Sizing: One size fits most, this stretchy headband is made on the larger size of "normal" so everyone can wear it without getting a headache. The front width is 4" when worn all the way wide (or you can scrunch or fold it in for a narrower look). The back tapers to approximately 1" wide.

Care: Machine Wash, Hang Dry (the non-chemical cooling properties never wash out). 

Made in the USA.

Headwear for Women Thriver Head and Neck Gaiter

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