Online Divine Feminine New Moon Ceremony (Women Only)

with Melisandrah Magadlyne Grace Geller 

In our modern world, we have become so focused on taking care of everything and everyone else, that we forget to make the time for heart opening, nurturing time to be with other sisters. But when we remember the Ancient ways and bring spiritual practices and ceremony back into our life, we remember who we are are the power of sister-hood circles.

Bringing ceremonial practices into our life helps us create a new reality, one filled with richness and purpose as we weave in vibrant energetic threads from the invisible realms.

The New Moon is a time of beginnings. It offers us a time of hope, faith and renewal of our commitments.

It is a time of embracing new thoughts, projects, visions, relationships and the changes we wish to have in our lives. We plant the seed of intentions and open to the new possibilities that are brought by another lunar cycle.
We sit together, we share our personal vision and align with our path, our purpose and our dreams.

Would you like to make space for what is to flow into your life?

Come sit in ceremony with us and remember..

Facilitated by two experienced teachers Melisandrah Magdalyne (Grace Geller) and Jewelle DePaula

Melisandrah Magdalyne is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars and Facelift Facilitator, and a Soul Realignment through the Akashic Records practitioner. She is an experienced light worker master teacher and practitioner, who is enthusiastic about promoting mind-body-spirit awareness through meditation, yoga and ceremony.

Jewelle DePaula is a seasoned Breathwork and Energy Practitioner/Trainer. She has over twenty years of experience in the Holistic Healing Arts. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Rebirthing Breathwork Coach, Access Consciousness™ Access Bars® Facilitator. Creator of the Breathwork CD called A Breath of Consciousness.